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There are tons of traditional speeches and presentations which use this: Videoscribe by Spark. You would probably know it right away, the whiteboard animations where a hand draws in drawings timed to a voice over. I was curious and popped by one website to get some knowledge on how it operates.

As I had a presentation coming up regarding everything I do, it looked like a helpful application to produce something unusual. It was surprisingly straightforward to master, plus I succeeded to whip up an animation in no time.

Create a storyboard
My next-door-neighbor and video producer, Lotte Zuidwijk of LotteZ Productions provided me some suggestions on how to get started. That first task at hand, create a storyboard. Lotte’s opinion was to do it in detail in as many actions and movements as possible. I drafted out the story and drew the storyboard.

Create Videoscribe assets

Scan them all in including color in Photoshop, plus save as assets. Videoscribe draws SVG files (vector) the best, however also allows PNG, JPG, and GIFS, so I saved all my assets as PNG, which was less time consuming than making vectors.

Easy to use

Videoscribe has a straightforward interface; there are not a lot of options. This is good, but can also be frustrating if you’re expecting fancy animation. These are just images which either pop up or get drawn in, with or without a hand which draws. I chose to go handless to make a cleaner animation. I imagine with a little more digging I can get much more out of the program, especially if I use my animated GIFs. For now, I just focused on making it super simple. Less is more, right?
After I had put it together, music was added. Videoscribe possesses a collection of 210 loop-able records in four various tempo categories. Next, I recorded a voice-over that I decided to time to the animation. This was super frustrating, and I finished up sounding eerie. After pounding my head on the loudspeaker, I invited Lotte’s advice once more, and her golden advice was, make the voice over first and time that animation to it. The voice over is leading -Achieving so much more feeling and sounded extremely more natural.

This animation tidied up plus time to export. Great! Exporting directly into a Powerpoint slide, YouTube, Facebook or any video file (MOV, AVI or WMV or sequenced PNG JPG) on your PC. Testing this out, I found that the Powerpoint turned out to be a little washed-out.

The rest turned out super, however massive in file size. I uploaded mine toward YouTube (Yo SEO!); therefore I could place orderly links into my site without bogging down.