Artify paint brushes set

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WIDE RANGING SIZES IN FLAT AND ROUND – Our collection of brushes offer a variety of sizes to choose from both Flat and Round. Whether you’re applying minor details or large strokes, our brushes are versatile enough to handle any task.
NATURAL AND SYNTHETIC HAIRS – Each type of brush is made from different hairs including Hog, Pony & Traditional Nylon. Our natural hairs are extremely elastic and durable enough to withstand multiple washes, along with being resistant to fraying, flaring and falling out after extended use. This means they’ll continue to maintain their shape and produce perfect lines every time.
UNIQUE CANVAS WRAP – When you’re ready to start painting, simply fold out the canvas wrap and you’re good to go! Our portable canvas wrap is stylish, light and flexible enough to be stored in a carry bag or backpack, while also providing essential protection from unwanted damage. Its ergonomic design is ideal for students commuting to and from school, and hobbyists who regularly travel.


Which Brush to Choose?
Our collection includes both round and flat brush shapes, which are available in both natural (Hog and Pony) and nylon hairs (Synthetic Nylon). They come in a variety of sizes and allow you to have complete control over the direction of your artwork. Each brush is durable enough to maintain their shape and form, even after multiple washes and uses.

Are You a Beginner, Hobbyist or Professional Artist?
Whether you’re just starting out, a hobbyist, student or a professional artist; these premium brushes are suitable to use at any skill level. Their precision and versatility makes them ideal for a range of applications, which will allow you to develop your own unique style over time.

Need a Convenient Carry Case?
The canvas wrap is a beautifully designed and elegant pouch, which allows you to store all of your brushes in one convenient spot. It can be easily rolled and tied up for maximum protection, plus it’s light and compact enough to be stored in your backpack or carry bag. The canvas wrap is ideal for students and those who commute on a daily basis.

Synthetic Nylon Hairs: White Copper, Wood, and Oil Prints
Hog Hairs: White Aluminum, Wood, Oil Prints
Pony Hairs: Horse Hair, Gold Aluminum, Wood, Oil Prints
Size Numbers of Natural and Nylon Hairs :
Round: #2,#4,#6,#8,#10,#12
Flat: #2,#4,#6,#8,#10,#12

Extra bonus(large size Nylon Hairs): #18 in Flat, #18 in Round.

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