Instagram Marketing Techniques-Traffic Building

How I used   Instagram  to market an average article and reach an audience of millions?

Here is how one of mine went viral, something I learned from it, also how you can make it occur too.

In 2017, I published something amusing about the area I was residing in: citizens left enraged although frequently warm words on badly parked cars.

I posted these on Facebook and Instagram instagram

Some notes got my mates to smile too.

I wrote also shared a blog post about them.
During August 2016, I printed my photo collection in a single article. I shared it on Twitter, using #Cambridge.

It got picked up by BBC Radio Cambridge
A producer from the local BBC Radio station found the article. She called and asked me to come in for a live interview with the breakfast show.

I realized then that the content had mass appeal. So I quickly created an Instagram account and recreated the article on Buzzfeed.
I went on local and national BBC Radio

I interviewed with BBC Radio Cambridge’s breakfast show, and later that evening with another Radio show.