Customize Twitch Panels

Twitch Panels – How to Customize

twitch panels
View the video or see the Customize twitch panel instructions below.

Use this app inputs to get the twitch panels look precisely the way you’d like it too! I suggest that you begin with the panel with any longest panel text. So if you are producing two panels including the text “Subscribers,” “Donate,” including “About Me,” you should begin with the “Subscribers” panel, because it uses up the most horizontal area.
You need to do that so that your font sizes plus text alignment are all the alike. Nevertheless, if you do not want to have the same font sizes, that is fine too!
Choices Available For Twitch Panels
The following options currently available for this app:
• Left Side Color – The input is made in the color picker. Turning this color will replace the background color of every box on the left side. Here is the box that holds the icon. By default this is set at #23b85e – you may use the palette, HSL Slider, or color data to pick the color.
• Right Side Color – The input is made through a color picker. Editing this color will modify the backdrop color of the box on the right side. Here is the box which holds your panel text. By default this is set at #101220 – you may use the pallette, HSL Slider, or color input to choose the color.
• Text Color – The input is made using the color picker. Editing this color will modify the text color of the panel text. By default this is set at #ffffff – you may use the palette, HSL Slider, or color input to pick a color.
• Panel Text – This input field manages the text to be added to each panel. This text will be updated as you type.
• Icon – The icon dropdown will replace any image illustrated on the stream panel. Just choose any of the pre-made icons plus it will be refreshed on your panel automatically.
• Text Size – Manage the text size slider to choose how large you would prefer your panel text.
• Text Vertical Align – This text vertical align slider may be used to move the text along this Y-axis. The option is helpful if you would like to move the text towards the top or the bottom of a panel. On some browsers, text may not automatically be arranged to the center.
• Add Padding – Some Twitch panels, you might like “padding” or empty space at the bottom of the panels to add space between your image and text that you may put underneath. Choosing Yes can show a checkerboard, which means that there will be blank space added underneath a panel. No will eliminate any padding. Also, the image will include no space on the bottom.
• Font Family – Allows you to manually set a font of your choice. Simply type the name of a font that you have installed on a local system.
Should I add padding?
An easy way to create your twitch panels to look grand is to choose “Yes” for padding if the image is a link. If the image does not include a link, then select “No” for padding.

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