Free Explainer Video Templates

Free explainer video template needs no additional plugins.  In 1920×1080 px resolution, so you will be able to show your audience a high-quality presentation of your company and yourself.  Explainer Video Templates supports video and includes placeholders for videos, logo, and text. Cool!


Some of the best free Explainer Video Templates are cartoon based, undoubtedly. One begins in a flat cartoon style increased with texture gradients. This template enables you to replace all its elements in an online platform. All you have to do is sign up for free. Be cautious though. There are excellent graphics elements possible in the builder’s gallery which require a purchase.


Another contemporary explainer video illustrated in a flat style. Suitable for multiple purposes, the result can be exported to YouTube for free as long as you don’t include any premium elements. The video will be branded by the template provider though. It is perfect to help you get the hang of creating such videos, so waste no more time and go experiment!

Fitting for those of you who need to create a video presenting their brand unique app! The free explainer video template is 34 seconds long. It also lets you export your personalized version to YouTube for free in case you haven’t used a premium graphics or charts. Appears like an excellent start for those of you that have just developed their initial app. Good luck!

A style of an explainer video is merging the whiteboard technique with typography, cool-looking graphics, and your media. As long as you do not import premium elements of the builder’s gallery, you will be able to upload this final result to YouTube for free. Readily adaptable for a wide variety of designs, this template can be applied as an exceptional base for your first explainer video.


Marketing Explainer Video Templates are quite notorious for telling stories of people with problems comparable to those that your public has, also offering them a solution. This one is not an exception. Modified for business services, in particular, the free explainer video template can be customized to meet your specific needs. Go ahead and experiment!


Lasting 47 seconds long without that outro, the explainer video is a change of the whiteboard style or should we state – blackboard style! Including carton board typography and placeholders for your media, these Explainer Video Templates can be exported to YouTube for free! The gallery incorporates premium objects which require a purchase. Otherwise, have fun personalizing this video!

A digitally made whiteboard explainer video with a beautiful paper-texture backdrop. Fitting for any business, this free explainer video template is about a minute long, not including the outro. Have in mind that you can export the final version to YouTube as long as you have it free from premium elements. Enjoy editing!


Modified for real estate investors, the explainer video template combines loads of flat illustrations that remain easy on the eye. This also begins with a cartoon character hero. We are all pretty easy with some benefits of producing a cartoon character, true? The template is 47 seconds long without this outro plus doesn’t include any premium graphics. Have a fabulous time customizing it!


Adjusted for internet services businesses, this explainer video template is created in a very appealing way. As it introduces the viewers to the story hero, the video grasps the awareness from the very start. Since it can be quickly edited, feel free to modify the elements to satisfy your requirements the best. Appreciate editing and export it to YouTube for free as long as you do not use premium graphics.


Excellent cartoon Explainer Video Templates created exclusively for travel agencies. Including free graphics, the template gives a big answer to those who perform their first steps in producing an explainer video for their company. After you have customized it as much as you need, you are free to upload it to YouTube. Have in mind, however, that this will be branded by some provider.


Produced for debt consolidation enterprise in mind, the video template describes a story of a character struggling with debt. But, you can customize some text also the visual elements to suit your business requirements. As long as you do not use premium graphics, you can upload this video to YouTube free of charge. This will keep a  provider’s logo and outro.

An explainer video template which can be downloaded for free and changed for various kinds of businesses. Texts, picture placeholders, recommendations. The free template has it all to support you get the most from your first explainer video. Edit within After Effects!Explainer Video Templates


Being a bit longer than the rest, the video template can flawlessly present your business in about 2 minutes. The explainer video template is free to download also can be quickly edited in After Effects. Once you begin doing such videos for your business, you will see for yourself all the benefits they bring to your business. Enjoy!


Available in light also dark color design, Explainer Video Templates can be 100% based on typography. This type of video is supported by some eye-pleasing transactions which hold the viewer’s attention until the end. Being ready for free download, the video can be edited in After Effects as much as you need to suit your business needs.


Explainer Video Templates can be based on typography with engaging transitions. You can additionally add many pictures as you need to create your video even more appealing. This video length is 1 minute and 20 seconds – longer than sufficient to exhibit your business or idea in the best conceivable way. Outstanding!


Swift, 30-second Explainer Video Templates will dazzle your viewers with pencil-drawn illustrations. The entire story is being drawn on paper in front of the viewer’s eyes which keeps their attention on the video till the finish. The template is free to download also edit in After Effects, so go ahead plus experiment.

Will those suggestions for free explainer video templates become helpful for you? Hope so! One thing is for certain, though. Videos are the most influential marketing method these days, so you should study taking advantage of this medium in your marketing campaigns.

Good luck plus don’t forget to share the personalized videos you’ve made in the Comments’ section below. Can’t wait!

If you are going to begin a business or if you are now operating a company, then you will probably need a tool to explain your business. Some people prefer banner including text content to explain. However, it reaches much fewer people. Also, it won’t stay in their mind permanently. What is that solution? You can try animated explainer video for your business promotion. People are so lazy to read a text, yet if they notice interactive videos, they are prepared to spend some time.

Managing Explainer Video Templates to create animated videos are a great way for people who could be dipping a toe in the water when it comes to video creation. By using a custom template video service, people can create in a few minutes a whiteboard video, movement graphics video, animated video, etc. by customizing videotext or customizing some photos in a video.

Explainer Video Templates do sometimes produce have their limitations (e.g., if you needed a slightly more lengthened video than a template permitted) so you may require to source a low-cost web video from a web video production firm.

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